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The Music Teacher

18 x 15 min late night comedy
BBC Radio 4
Series 1 - April 2010 (6 eps)
Series 2 - April 2012 (6 eps)
Series 3 - September 2013 (6 eps)

Shut away in a windowless practice room in a regional arts centre, music teacher Nigel Penny endures a succession of pupils: the middle-aged bachelor with his homemade Moog; the six year old trombonist who’s arms aren’t quite long enough; and the female student who's forever in a state of tearful crisis and never gets her oboe out – all these and more enter Nigel’s airless little room.

As this seemingly never-ending array of pupils pass through his door Nigel is also faced with dealing with neurotic Arts Centre manager Belinda's curveballs: curveballs guaranteed to spoil his already rubbish day. Nigel is also trying to face up to his chronic stage fright - by dabbling in just about every therapy known to man. And all whilst listening to badly played scales for ten quid an hour.

Nigel Penny Richie Webb
Belinda Vicki Pepperdine
Other roles Dave Lamb, Jim North, Jess Robinson, Felicity Montagu
Doreene Blackstock, Adrian Decosta, Isobel Webb and Joseph Webb

Audio production by Matt Katz
Directed by Nick Walker
Written and produced by Richie Webb