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Noisegate Studios

Noisegate Studios produces some of the best known music for CBBC and Cbeebies (Horrible Histories, Baby Jake, Nev the Bear, Jackanory).  It also provides an environment conducive to the creation of some fantastic radio comedy and drama.

Our recording studio in Warwickshire is the base for music production team Matt Katz and Richie Webb. As such it regularly produces music for much loved and award winning TV shows.

Latest From The Blog

Mr Muzak - Nominated for BBC Audio Drama Award

Richie Webb's sitcom Mr Muzak has been nominated for a 2018 BBC Audio Drama Award.

Mr Muzak - on air

Richie Webb's new sitcom about a cocktail pianist trying to live his life - like his music - in the background starts on Radio 4 this Sunday 17th September at 7.

Mr Muzak - in the studio

Recording has taken place of Richie Webb's new Radio 4 sitcom Mr Muzak.

Rum Bunch on air

The first of four Rum Bunch episodes hits the airwaves on 3rd May at 6.30 as Justin Edwards tries his best to control Mel Giedroyc and David Mounfield as they team up for a gleeful half hour of sketches and musical comedy.