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Matt Katz

Matt is a composer, music producer, sound designer and audio post-production engineer working in TV, film and radio.

On radio

Audio Producer and Sound Designer for The Music Teacher, Stormchasers and Mission Improbable – all Top Dog Productions for BBC Radio 4.

Music arrangement, production, editing and post-production for seven series of the award winning 15 Minute Musical for BBC Radio 4.


Composer (theme) and music producer for five series of the multiple award-winning Horrible Histories; composer for Bear Behaving Badly, Gory Games and Fit; Music Producer for All Over The Place - all for CBBC.

Composer and Music Producer for (the award winning) Baby Jake and Jackanory; music producer for Mr Bloom’s Nursery - all for Cbeebies.

Music producer for Armstrong and Miller, Dead Ringers and Mongrels, and Composer for That Mitchell and Webb Look and Goodness Gracious Me for BBC TV.

On Film

Composer and Sound Designer for Kingdom of Dust for Koralis Pictures. Audio post production and dubbing mixer for the award winning documentary Astronauts, Vikings and Ghosts.

In Game

Composer and Music Producer for game titles by Codemasters and Supersonic (Micro Maniacs, Brian Lara Cricket, Colin McRae Ralley) in addition to dialogue recording for titles for Sega (Sonic & Sega Allstars Racing).

Latest From Matt Katz's Blog

Listen to an interview with Richard Tyrone Jones

Here's an opportunity to hear Richard Tyrone Jones in conversation about his current Radio 4 series Big Heart.  The second episode is due to transmit this evening at 7.

BOOM! Mission Improbable 2 gets the green light

The Boom Jennies are back with another series of Mission Improbable.

Mission Accomplished

Following two excellent days of recording with the Boom Jennies (Anna Emerson, Lizzie Bates and Catriona Knox) Dave and Matt have spent a week crafting an almost cartoon-like soundscape to support their fast paced four part comedy series for Radio 4.

Stormchasers in the studio

Two days of working with a great cast and director Paul Warwick on the Radio 4 afternoon play Stormchasers.